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Geoff Lankow geoff at
Thu Mar 21 22:00:47 UTC 2019

That's correct, WebExtensions are auto-approved. We're currently 
modifying the auto-approval process so that overlay extensions with a WE 
manifest don't get auto-approved. (Just like before – the code gets 
confused by the presence of the manifest file.)

The latest plan regarding WE experiments is to continue auto-approval, 
as a special permission is required to upload them and we currently know 
and trust everyone with the permission. That could change though.


On 22/03/19 05:07, Onno Ekker wrote:
> There won't be a queue for WevExtensions/MailExtensions, because those 
> are auto approved.
> This might change though, if they contain 
> WebExperiments/MailExperiments, because, IIUIC in theory that will 
> allow you to do anything the old XUL Overlay type add-on could do.
> Onno
> Op 21-3-2019 om 10:48 schreef Graeme:
>> Last year I uploaded an addon and realised just afterwards that there 
>> was an error... I had to wait for the first one to be passed and then 
>> upload another. I was really glad that the submissions were both 
>> processed very quickly. :-) Maybe in a matter of days!
>> Could there be a delete button on the manage your submissions page?
>> Also when it becomes essential to update to MailExtensions there 
>> could be a bit of a queue develop...  is there any preparation for this?
>> While thinking about MailExtensions, I've been wondering for a while, 
>> could I upload my MailExtensions addon which is working, with a 
>> minimum version set at 61? Would earlier Thunderbird versions ignore 
>> the newer version?
>> Blessings
>> Graeme
>> On 20/03/2019 19:05, Ryan Sipes wrote:
>>> I have a few thoughts on this.
>>> 1) We need to further define what gets escalated to admin review 
>>> status. As that is the biggest bottleneck and I'm not sure those 
>>> that get escalated always deserve it.
>>> 2) We need dedicated admin reviewers to ensure that reviews are 
>>> getting done on those.
>>> 3) We need transparency on how many add-ons are in review and 
>>> probably need that to hit the community so that folks can track when 
>>> their help is needed. But at the very least it needs to hit the 
>>> add-on reviewers mailing list.
>>> Anyone who wants to become an add-on reviewer can fill out this 
>>> form:
>>> We can always use more hands working on this problem.
>>> Ryan Sipes
>>> Community Manager
>>> Thunderbird
>>> On 3/20/19 10:47 AM, Mark Rousell wrote:
>>>> Typo fix...
>>>> On 20/03/2019 15:02, Mark Rousell wrote:
>>>>> And people do not necessarily always agree on the directions 
>>>>> making collaboration non-sensical, and so forking can be a way for 
>>>>> competing views to find the approach that best suits the 
>>>>> preferences of users.
>>>> s/people do not necessarily always agree on the directions 
>>>> making/people do not necessarily always agree on project directions 
>>>> thus making/
>>>> -- 
>>>> Mark Rousell
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