Thunderbird Staff and Their Roles

Ryan Sipes ryan at
Wed Mar 20 21:23:02 UTC 2019

Hello TB Planning List,

It was raised during the Thunderbird Council elections that we haven't
publicly spoken much about who is working on the Thunderbird project as
staff, and what they are doing. Part of this is due to the fact that we
grew very quickly at the end of the year and what people are working on
today is unlikely to be what they are working on in the future (see
de-XBL stuff below).

Below is a high level look at who our staff are and what they are doing
(I've listed their nick where I have not been given express permission
by them to share their name):

  * *Alessandro Castellani (:aleca) - Lead UX Architect* - Doing some
    de-XBL and other UX bugs to get his feet wet. UX of OTR chats.
    Helping with website redesign.
  * *(:sancus) - Infrastructure Engineer* - Manages ATN and Thunderbird
    project infrastructure. Keeps us online.
  * *(:arshad) - Front-end developer* - Focused on de-XBL work.*
  * *(:bcampbell) - Platform Developer* - Backend engineer, currently
    removing RDF usage.
  * *(:darktrojan) - Backend Developer* - WebExtension APIs, fixing bugs
    and cleanup.
  * *Jörg K (:jorgk) - Code Manager* (hired by PEP) - Bustage fixing and
  * *(:KaiE)* - *Security Engineer* - encryption and security: at the
    moment implementing OTR for chats.
  * *(:Khushil324) - Developer* - de-XBL and other code modernization.
  * *Magnus Melin (:mkmelin) - Technical Manager* - Coordinate efforts
    of technical staff. Technical planning and implementation.
  * *Paul Morris (:pmorris) - Developer* - de-XBL, just started (planned
    to do calendar code modernization).
  * *(:rjl) - Build Engineer* - handles keeping up with the build and
    release related changes coming from mozilla-central.
  * *Ryan Sipes (:ryanleesipes) - Community Manager* - Sharing stuff
    like this, PR, documentation, and generally helping lower the
    barrier for folks to contribute to Thunderbird.

Like I said, many of these people are new(ish) - so if you haven't
interacted with them much yet, it's likely because they are still
getting onboarded. As I said above, this might not cover everything that
these folks are working on, but generally this is what they are
currently focused on.

I hope this is helpful and encouraging to all of you, please feel free
to let me know your questions and concerns.

Ryan Sipes
Community Manager

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