Add-on review times at ATN

Ryan Sipes ryan at
Wed Mar 20 19:05:49 UTC 2019

I have a few thoughts on this.

1) We need to further define what gets escalated to admin review status.
As that is the biggest bottleneck and I'm not sure those that get
escalated always deserve it.

2) We need dedicated admin reviewers to ensure that reviews are getting
done on those.

3) We need transparency on how many add-ons are in review and probably
need that to hit the community so that folks can track when their help
is needed. But at the very least it needs to hit the add-on reviewers
mailing list.

Anyone who wants to become an add-on reviewer can fill out this form:

We can always use more hands working on this problem.

Ryan Sipes
Community Manager

On 3/20/19 10:47 AM, Mark Rousell wrote:
> Typo fix...
> On 20/03/2019 15:02, Mark Rousell wrote:
>> And people do not necessarily always agree on the directions making
>> collaboration non-sensical, and so forking can be a way for competing
>> views to find the approach that best suits the preferences of users.
> s/people do not necessarily always agree on the directions
> making/people do not necessarily always agree on project directions
> thus making/
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