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Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Wed Mar 20 14:14:27 UTC 2019

This was a misguided choice by a Firefox developer. He made the time and 
date display follow your Thunderbird UI language instead of your system 
regional settings like before.

In your settings, you have a choice whether to use the UI language or 
the OS locale for time display. Please check there. The exact result 
will also depend on your OS.

FWIW, even with that set to OS locale, Firefox and Thunderbird will 
still not honor the exact OS regional settings anymore, but merely the 
locale. For example, if you set your OS regional settings to use 
"2019-03-12" format, then older TB would use that format, while newer 
Firefox and Thunderbird will ignore the exact configuration and just use 
the standard format for the OS language (e.g. "12.03.2019" for German) 
or TB language (e.g. "03/12/2019" for en-US).

Udvarias Ur schrieb am 19.03.19 um 22:43:
> As can be seen in my signature below I'm using TB 60.5.1.
> I use the 24 hour clock.
> I find it rather confusing to have to translate times from the 24 hour 
> format I use to the 12 hour format the TB and especially Lightning uses.
> My system is already configured to display time in the 24 hour format.
> Why can't TB and Lightning use thew system information to display the 
> time in my preferred format, as so many other programs do?
> Lacking that, couldn't the 'Preferences' dialog box include a 12/24 
> hour format choice?
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