Add-on review times at ATN

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Wed Mar 20 13:35:52 UTC 2019

On 20/03/2019 14:19, Wayne Mery wrote:
> Also it seems to me Jorg isn't commenting about the general state of 
> reviews - he only stated concern about the LONGEST wait time, not the 
> average review rate.  People really need to be careful not to 
> generalize about something from a narrow example. 

OK, thanks for the correction. Indeed, most(?) add-ons are turned over 

So how do we address the longest wait time?

ATN has a function: "require author's answer by XX days", usually XX=7. 
So if the answer doesn't come, I'd just cancel the review, or if that's 
not an option, deny it. That will straighten out the statistics.


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