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On 3/19/2019 4:05 PM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> On Tue Mar 19 2019 14:11:19 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Jörg
> Knobloch <jorgk at> wrote:
>> My conclusion is that everyone is happy with waiting times of up to six
>> months since the discussion has drifted elsewhere (like on so many
>> occasions).
> That's a pretty awful assumption to make just based on some chatter here
> on the mail list.

Indeed assumptions can be bad.  And I'm surprised Jorg would think that 
people on this list who don't have data about why addons are in the 
queue could possibly have enough insight to make a meaningful 
contribution to the question.

I have limited understanding of the data (I'm not a reviewer) and I have 
not done a statistical analysis, so the following should be considered 
incomplete. From what I see the majority of addons are probably being 
reviewed quickly, and many those that are in the queue have issues.  
Some examples of what I see

* One addon per day is being approved (on average) since Jan 1, 2019.

* Yes, the oldest in queue is 6 months. But the median wait time today 
*of those still in the queues*[1] is 1-2 months. (which is to say, the 
average wait is _not _1-2 months - but I also don't know what the 
average wait is.)

* A couple of the very oldest items in queue are for Seamonkey, not 

* Some add-ons in queue are rather obscure (which might explain them not 
getting reviewed) or cosmetic (not adding functionality)

* One is waiting for author feedback and ultimately likely to be not be 

* One of the oldest, textra, does seem like the last submission would be 
a trivial review

It's not worth me citing the entire list.  Several of the two month old 
submissions do look like potential easy reviews.  But there are also 
many which aren't blocked waiting on Thunderbird reviewers or for 
various reasons aren't an easy.

Also it seems to me Jorg isn't commenting about the general state of 
reviews - he only stated concern about the LONGEST wait time, not the 
average review rate.  People really need to be careful not to generalize 
about something from a narrow example.

If further conversation is desired, this really needs feedback of 
someone who better understands the review process and what's in the queues.

[1] queues: 

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