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Mihovil Stanić mihovil at miho.im
Wed Mar 20 12:07:39 UTC 2019

Hello Udvarias,

I'm not really sure what you are referring to.
Thunderbird and Lightning show 24-hour format without problems on my system.

Windows + TB latest + Lightning.

Best regards,

19.03.2019 u 22:43, Udvarias Ur je napisao/la:
> As can be seen in my signature below I'm using TB 60.5.1.
> I use the 24 hour clock.
> I find it rather confusing to have to translate times from the 24 hour 
> format I use to the 12 hour format the TB and especially Lightning uses.
> My system is already configured to display time in the 24 hour format.
> Why can't TB and Lightning use thew system information to display the 
> time in my preferred format, as so many other programs do?
> Lacking that, couldn't the 'Preferences' dialog box include a 12/24 
> hour format choice?
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