Home Page Lo-Fi Wireframes v2

alex alessandro at thunderbird.net
Mon Mar 18 17:08:43 UTC 2019

Thank you all for your great feedback and comments on the first version 
of the wireframes.

After collecting all your insights and suggestions, I drafted a second 
version with a slightly more accurate content.
Please, take your time to review it and point out changes, typos, or 
additions, by writing comments directly in Presentator.

Once again, please focus on just the content and the message style, and 
try to completely ignore functionalities, styles, alignments, or 
anything visual. Those things will come later.

Home Page v2: https://presentator.ura.design/en/4b9jmLIB?v=2&s=1&m=preview


Alessandro Castellani
Lead UX Architect

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