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Mihovil Stanić mihovil at miho.im
Sat Mar 16 16:00:01 UTC 2019

Sorry if I'm late, but I would like to suggest one more thing that 
should get more attention on TB download page.
"Localized versions"

I'm not sure what's history behind building different installation files 
for every locale, but if we can't change that and ship all locales 
inside one installation package, then we should make it much more easier 
to download and notice different locales on download page.

What if user has English browser, English OS language and Croatian 
keyboard layout (common case in my country), what language is he offered 
on download? I would like to offer him both, English and Croatian 
version of Thunderbird, even if webpage is shown in English.

Best regards,

16.3.2019. u 1:41, alex je napisao/la:
> Based on many constructive feedback I got on the wireframes, I noticed 
> that we're probably focused on these funnels:
>   * Easy download of the main product and the Beta version
>   * Prominent donation CTAs
>   * Easy access to support
>   * Easy access to collaboration
>   * Highlight important features
>   * Highlight the Calendar
> With these points, we can define the proper content and sections for 
> our home page.

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