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Eric Moore emoore at fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 13 18:24:55 UTC 2019

I second Mihovil's comments.

For many years (it seems to be working now) there were some extensions 
that the search field in tools -> add-ons ignored. You had to either 
browse for them on the web site (using a browser) or know to click on a 
link such as "see all" in tools -> add-ons -> get add-ons so that you 
could browse for them in a tab. Browsing for them in a tab in 
Thunderbird worked, but is annoying as there is no back arrow or 
history. That can make some searches painful.

It also seems wrong to have just one mechanism to find/install add-ons, 
when there is such a variety of ways users prefer to work. There is a 
reason why you can configure Thunderbird to read messages in a tab, 
window or message pane for example.

(second attempt to post. first one was scrubbed as it was in HTML)

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