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Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at technion.ac.il
Wed Mar 13 09:38:08 UTC 2019

On 12/03/2019 23:58, alex wrote:
> Hello wonderful people,
> Let's start moving forward with the refresh of the Thunderbird website!

TBH, I would be more interested in a refresh of/update of/additions to
the site's contents rather than the site as such.

> I think we can all agree that the website looks outdated, not appealing,

Doesn't look outdated to me. Or - perhaps I'm an outdated person?

As for appeal... well, I don't know. Doesn't seem that bad; but I guess
it depends on who you want to appeal to, and how.

> and it doesn't properly communicate the massive work all the awesome
> developers are doing to revamp Thunderbird, and the overall team growth.

This is true!

> So, let's start this process!
> First and foremost, we need to properly define 3 things:

I would say the first thing to define is:

* Which kinds of visitors does the site cater too?
* What does the site aim to offer/provide visitors of each kind?
* Which kind of visitors are "prioritized" over others?

For example, right now it looks like the main kind of visitor the site
caters to is the newbie user who is not very knowledgeable, with a short
promotional pitch and a large download link. Everybody else is relegated
to searching through the non-prominent top menu. I'm not saying this is
necessarily a bad choice, but it is _a_ choice.

>   * A solid and well thought sitemap
>   * The amount of written content we want in each page
>   * The "type and style of communication" we want to use (Are we
>     friendly? Are we quirky? Are we business -jargon oriented?)

Also -please don't be overly friendly, like those cringy messages on
Slack which tell me they like me...

> Without having a solid understanding of the content, the message,

You seem to be assuming a single message.

> and
> the overall structure of the Thunderbird web presence, it wouldn't be
> productive to start mocking UI screens, icons, colors, etc. That's why
> we should all try to get rid of any visual bias and work on a bland
> wireframe to keep the focus on what matters.

Structure should follow from function...

> Linked at the end of this message you will find a public Presentator
> board. There, you will see a really simple, and quite standard, home
> page layout for a product presentation.

It seems you are making strong assumptions regarding the fundamental
questions we're facing, already in basing this on a product presentation
to customers/clients.

> I specifically left it anonymous
> and unappealing in trying to remove any visual distraction.
> You will find some "Floating Comments" which will show you some initial
> thoughts I left explaining the "whys" behind some sections.
> Please, try to completely ignore spacing, fonts, colors, alignments,
> etc. All those things will come later, this part is unpolished on purpose.
> I'd like to invite anyone to leave comments there in order to collect
> ideas and expectations regarding the content. You can reply to my
> comments or leave new ones anywhere on the image.
> In conclusion, and I'm sorry if I keep repeating myself, let's write
> down how we want to structure the content, which links we want in the
> main nav, why we want those, why we don't want others, etc.
> Every time we all agree on something and a section is defined, I will
> update the prototype to slowly transition to a hi-fidelity wireframe.
> Link: https://presentator.ura.design/en/4b9jmLIB?m=comments&v=0&s=1
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Alessandro Castellani
> Lead UX Architect
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