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Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 11:45:50 UTC 2019

On 13-Mar-19 8:13 PM, Mihovil Stanić wrote:
> 13.03.2019 u 10:22, Wayne Mery je napisao/la:
>>> Just came to my mind when I was writing this reply, if TB ever 
>>> decides to implement Firefox Sync, for any reason, it can be 
>>> upgraded with "Send add-on to Thunderbird" option, just like you can 
>>> send app from Google Play website to your mobile phone for 
>>> installation.
>> I think Matt's main point is that for the vast majority of users 
>> (which does not include power users), the web version of AMO causes 
>> real problems, and it is far preferable that they use the in-product 
>> interface to AMO.  That of course requires that there is great 
>> functionality in the interface.
> Matt point is that he would remove browser access to AMO which is in 
> my opinion very bad move.

My point is I would not place a link on the home page to addons. They 
are best searched from within the application, and anything that 
discourages users from downloading incorrect versions should be 
employed.  I would have a different view if we had a button in the 
browser that said installing your version of thunderbird that actually 
could do that.  We don't.  Until we do we do not want users downloading 
random XPI files then double clicking them and asking in a support forum 
somewhere how to I get an XPI file to install. or just giving up on this 
weird old software with it's archeic ways. We want them in the 
application,  dealing with versions that will install for them in a 
manner that they can click one button, regardless of what you thinkl on 
the issue,  clicking a big green button is about all some of our users 
are capable of and asking them to open a file manager window is 
tantamount to asking them to do open heart surgery.
> I agree it's not intuitive to install TB addon via browser, it sucks, 
> and nobody should do it that way. But I can't remember single addon I 
> discovered via Thunderbird UI, not one.
You might actually search in the application if the web site was not 
prominently displayed on the home page,  instead the home page talked 
about add-ons and how to access them from your installed Thunderbird..  
I am not proposing that the web site does not load in a browser.  I am 
suggesting we don't advertise it as a web site as such.  I am still 
going to be posting links to the web site in support.  Simply for the 
expedient that there is no idiot proof way of getting the user to the 
same place in Thunderbird from a browser.  If there was I would use it.

> It was always Google and/or AMO search, then refining that into 1 - 3 
> addons that I think come close to what I want, then install each via 
> Thunderbird interface, test and delete those that didn't satisfy my 
> needs.
> And on the bad since, all SEO gathered from addons will be lost.
I want to remove a menu item on the web site,  not the ATN web site.  
Not even talking about the ATM web site.  I am talking about the header 
on https://thunderbird.net.


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