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Mihovil Stanić mihovil at miho.im
Wed Mar 13 09:43:00 UTC 2019

13.03.2019 u 10:22, Wayne Mery je napisao/la:
>> Just came to my mind when I was writing this reply, if TB ever 
>> decides to implement Firefox Sync, for any reason, it can be upgraded 
>> with "Send add-on to Thunderbird" option, just like you can send app 
>> from Google Play website to your mobile phone for installation.
> I think Matt's main point is that for the vast majority of users 
> (which does not include power users), the web version of AMO causes 
> real problems, and it is far preferable that they use the in-product 
> interface to AMO.  That of course requires that there is great 
> functionality in the interface.
Matt point is that he would remove browser access to AMO which is in my 
opinion very bad move.
I agree it's not intuitive to install TB addon via browser, it sucks, 
and nobody should do it that way. But I can't remember single addon I 
discovered via Thunderbird UI, not one.
It was always Google and/or AMO search, then refining that into 1 - 3 
addons that I think come close to what I want, then install each via 
Thunderbird interface, test and delete those that didn't satisfy my needs.

And on the bad since, all SEO gathered from addons will be lost.


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