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Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Wed Mar 13 09:20:57 UTC 2019

On 13-03-2019 11:09, Mihovil Stanić wrote:
> Yes, "we" really do want to search add-ons in a browser. It's easier, 
> faster, you can open multiple tabs, compare add-ons etc.
> Thunderbird should discourage web surfing inside mail client, not 
> promote it. A lot of security risks are connected to that part of TB 
> and in the end, it's not Thunderbird goal to be web browser.

The current Add-ons manager in Thunderbird could do with some 
improvements, and such are planned although not in the super short term.

But I disagree. This is not about web surfing. The add-ons discovery 
*needs* to happen inside Thunderbird for the average user - that's the 
only way they can install a discovered add-on in an understandable way. 
Having to surf in a browser and due to that not get a version that is 
compatible with your Thunderbird version... then if you manage to find 
the right version to download, get that file onto your system, manage to 
find the Add-ons manager and the menu to install it... and then find 
your downloaded file. You lost a good 95% of potential end users this way.


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