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Mihovil Stanić mihovil at miho.im
Wed Mar 13 09:09:13 UTC 2019

13.03.2019 u 9:56, Matt Harris je napisao/la:
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> Do we really want folks searching add-ons in a browser?  while it 
> might be good for Firefox where the browser is the destination,  we 
> really don't want to show them the add-ons that only work for V2 of 
> the product and will not install in their version.  That is just poor 
> public relations.  Add-on perhaps should be a "feature" and describe 
> hot to locate/ search them in the product, not a menu item at all.
> Matt/

Yes, "we" really do want to search add-ons in a browser. It's easier, 
faster, you can open multiple tabs, compare add-ons etc.
Thunderbird should discourage web surfing inside mail client, not 
promote it. A lot of security risks are connected to that part of TB and 
in the end, it's not Thunderbird goal to be web browser.

Just came to my mind when I was writing this reply, if TB ever decides 
to implement Firefox Sync, for any reason, it can be upgraded with "Send 
add-on to Thunderbird" option, just like you can send app from Google 
Play website to your mobile phone for installation.

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