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Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 08:56:16 UTC 2019

On 13-Mar-19 8:28 AM, alex wrote:
> Hello wonderful people,
> Let's start moving forward with the refresh of the Thunderbird website!

/Please make the top menu sticky

I hope never to have to deal again with an abortion of a layout as has 
been used in Support.mozilla.org where the search box only appears in 
the header when you scroll far enough down that the secondary 
header/menu appears.  Truly poor design..They got a new logo,  but did 
not fix the obvious rubbsh values on the web site. Please don't let us 
fall into the same trap.

I would ideally like to see the website emphasise email.  That is 
supposed to be our strength.  Nothing gets folk going than a new version 
with a bug in email either new of long standing and a new chat feature.  
Many of your users would like us to remove chat entirely.

Contact us also needs to be very carefully structured.  Any phone number 
at all will get support calls, any email address will get support emails 
asking for the support phone number.  Americans apparently think phone 
support is a right.

Do we really want folks searching add-ons in a browser?  while it might 
be good for Firefox where the browser is the destination, we really 
don't want to show them the add-ons that only work for V2 of the product 
and will not install in their version.  That is just poor public 
relations.  Add-on perhaps should be a "feature" and describe hot to 
locate/ search them in the product, not a menu item at all.

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