Judging by the website, the project is nearly dead. That's not right...

Ryan Sipes ryan at thunderbird.net
Sun Mar 3 06:09:24 UTC 2019

Yeah,I've started on an About page (I expect to create a pull request this upcoming week). Unfortunately, it doesn't help when people volunteer but then drop off. You hate to step on their toes, but eventually you have to.Ryan SipesCommunity Manager Thunderbird
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 issue about this.

I'm not sure how github issues get assigned, but it looks like the 
person who volunteered to create the page hasn't come back.

Eyal Rozenberg wrote on 2019-03-01 12:39 PM:

So, someone just asked on the elections list for our council's current
composition, and what we are able to give is just this:
which doesn't cut it.

If I visit https://www.thunderbird.net/ , I should be able to readily
access information about the organizational infrastructure behind
Thunderbird, including information about the Thunderbird council, its
its role, its composition, its members background - as a minimum. But -
this information is not accessible nor does it seem to exist, i.e. I
can't find a page about that anywhere.

In fact, if I click the small "about" link, what I get is the Mozilla


whose navigation bar / menus will essentially tell me Thunderbird
doesn't exist and there's only Firefox.

If I go back to our website, I don't see what would be telling me "Hey,
I'm not dead yet! I'm getting better!" (Monty Python reference there,

If click the twitter user link:
I see few tweets and their nature also hints at us being sort of near death.

Just saying,

PS - It's not that the website is not reasonably-nicely-designed.
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