Thunderbird 68.0b1 is available

Thomas Ludwig t3000+thunderbird at
Thu Jun 27 10:38:27 UTC 2019

Thanks for this update. I tested it with the newest version of uBlock
Origin. It works reliably with my RSS feeds. However, I noticed that if
I allow remote content in mails, no network requests are filtered by uBO.

Is this the intended behavior? Or more precisely: uBO uses the
webRequest API. Does this mean that that API is not used for mails but
only in "browser-like contexts" like RSS feeds?

I'm asking this as in older Thunderbird versions uBO (the legacy
version) was able to filter network requests in mails. A clarification
would be great before contacting gorhill.



Am 20.06.19 um 12:14 schrieb Wayne Mery:
> 68 beta is available - our precursor to ESR 68.  So now is a good time
> to start testing, so that your potential issues might be fixed when
> version 68 initially ships, and rather than after it ships.
> If you haven't tried a beta lately expect many changes. And although  68
> is close to being feature complete, it still may have rough edges. 
> Cumulative release notes are not yet available, but should be available
> soon.
> Most add-ons will not work - report issues to those authors, not in
> Thunderbird bug reports.
> Version 68 introduces profile (data) protections, so you may see related
> warnings depending on how you are using beta and profiles.  *Please read
> **/release notes:
> //**//so
> you know all the details and gotchas, like:
> *
>   * _*Note - *__*Thunderbird 68 beta may not recognise an existing
>     profile. Workaround: start with the profile manager option -p.*_
>   * _*Note - *__*Thunderbird 68 beta may display a message "You've
>     launched an older version of Firefox" and will not allow opening a
>     specific profile. Workaround: start with option
>     --allow-downgrade.*_*  *(it's profile downgrade "protection"
>     inherited from Firefox)_*
>     *_
> If you have a support request post at
> If you see a bug, report at
> and
> please include good details, steps to reproduce, and specify version 68.
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