Extension Statistics Update 6-23-19

Will will at impamark.co.uk
Tue Jun 25 14:54:24 UTC 2019

On 24/06/19 05:29, Christopher Leidigh wrote:
> All
> - I reiterate my offer for help updating add-ons.  After converting five
> of mine(inherited) and working on others
>   I am no expert, but I can share my experience et cetera.
> - Please let me know about any additional reports/data desired
> - Also developers should feel free to contact me regarding add-on
> issues/help

I can't see DL on the reports - probably dropped off?


It doesn't work - see here for details. He may like a hand.


We are stuck on 52 and will not upgrade without it. Can't use Dropbox
etc because of privacy.

The only alternative will be another mail client, which is the direction
of travel at the minute.

His comments here sum up the feelings here as well.


"Meanwhile, most of my group abandoned TB completely because the
extensions they were using stopped working at TB 60, so pressure here to
support TB has almost gone."

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