Thunderbird 68.0b1 is available

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Thu Jun 20 10:14:02 UTC 2019

68 beta is available - our precursor to ESR 68.  So now is a good time 
to start testing, so that your potential issues might be fixed when 
version 68 initially ships, and rather than after it ships.

If you haven't tried a beta lately expect many changes. And although  68 
is close to being feature complete, it still may have rough edges.  
Cumulative release notes are not yet available, but should be available 

Most add-ons will not work - report issues to those authors, not in 
Thunderbird bug reports.

Version 68 introduces profile (data) protections, so you may see related 
warnings depending on how you are using beta and profiles. *Please read 
**/release notes: 
you know all the details and gotchas, like:

  * _*Note - *__*Thunderbird 68 beta may not recognise an existing
    profile. Workaround: start with the profile manager option -p.*_
  * _*Note - *__*Thunderbird 68 beta may display a message "You've
    launched an older version of Firefox" and will not allow opening a
    specific profile. Workaround: start with option
    --allow-downgrade.*_**(it's profile downgrade "protection" inherited
    from Firefox)_*

If you have a support request post at

If you see a bug, report at and 
please include good details, steps to reproduce, and specify version 68.

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