Re: Thunderbird 68.0 ESR release opto at
Mon Jul 29 22:17:43 UTC 2019

As a matter of fact, updating beta is safe if TB beta is set not to automatically do updates.

After some while of TB being open, 68b4 announced there is an update.
After accepting, it updated to 68b5 (not 69b).

This is how it stayed. Help-> about offers the 69b1 download buttion, but it is the user's choice whether to accept or not.

As consequence, a new channel is not really needed, but rather more information how to appropriately setup the beta channel. 
That should go here: and should include a warning that the profile manager will show profiles of old version and new beta version. If one erroneously chooses the old profile, it will be auto-updated to beta and no way back is possible (well it seems from other posts here that it might be possible for the technically very adapt - but a warning definitely is warranted).

Also, there should go some info where to install a beta. Can it be in the same user profile as the production TB, might it kill the production accounts if it goes there, etc.

The link given for installation in beta pages point to a document that is called outdated and does not give any advice on beta installation.

Currently, the beta download pages gives no information except the download button. As there is/maybe a risk of killing of the production TB profile, more info should go there.

The release notes page has buttons for install information but they do not give any information on the questions given above.

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