Thunderbird 68.0 ESR release

Jorg K (Android) jorgk at
Sat Jul 27 16:16:29 UTC 2019

Oops, sent before I finished :-(

Yes, the 68 beta program has come to an end. TB 68 beta 5 will be released 
as TB 68.0 ESR with some selected additional fixes, mostly UI corrections 
which are being validated on 69 beta now.

Managing two beta versions concurrently is an absolute nightmare not to be 
repeated. We ran the 60 beta program to beta 11 since versions 61 and 62 
didn't have a working calendar due to the discontinuation of XUL addons and 
the M-C overlay loader.

Fortunately now we are in a much better position with a working 69 beta. So 
we will conduct releases as with all other versions except 60.

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On July 27, 2019 6:00:59 PM "Jorg K (Android)" <jorgk at> wrote:

> The beta program for the 68 cycle has come to an end.

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