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Wed Jul 17 12:21:45 UTC 2019

Hi All. This is partly FYI, and partly something you may want to do.

FYI - _Next week _the bugzilla folks will fold sev=major bugs into the 
critical category, and sev=trivial bugs into minor, and then the major 
and trivial categories will be forever removed from BMO. (You may have 
noticed severity major and trivial are not available when creating a new 
bug.) [1]

What you may want to do -  Some currently "major" bugs don't meet the 
new definition critical [2].  So in the next few days you may want to 
proactively review and change bugs you care about or manage, to avoid 
having them incorrectly shoved into critical (it may be  impossible to 
find and triage the old major bugs as a group after BMO moves them).  To 
aid you in this effort, see the sev=major column of this chart ordered 
by component 
See also calendar chart 

[1] Part of larger plans the BMO team has to both simplify BMO and add 
significant improvements, much of which has been done in the past 
several months, with more to come.

[2] Severity definitions

	*old definition* 	*new definition 
*blocker* 	Blocks development and/or testing work 	Broken important 
user-facing feature, Blocks development and/or testing work
*critical* 	Crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak 	Affecting a large 
number of users (all users on AMD64, Windows, MacOS, Linux), or major 
areas of functionality (tls, DOM, JavaScript, FxA, Add-ons)
*major* 	Major loss of function 	-
*normal* 	Regular issue, some loss of functionality under specific 
circumstances 	Default; Regular issue, some loss of functionality under 
specific circumstances
*minor* 	Minor loss of function, or other problem where easy workaround 
is present 	Affecting a small number of users (i.e. ArchLinux users on 
PowerPC), a problem with an easy workaround, or a cosmetic issue such as 
misspellings or text alignment
*trivial* 	Cosmetic problem like misspelled words or misaligned text

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