Why don't we just turn off MOZ_BLOCK_PROFILE_DOWNGRADE?

opto@optosolar.com opto at optosolar.com
Sat Jul 6 06:17:28 UTC 2019

This page:

invites people to do beta testing without giving any information of what is discussed in this thread.

It would also be good if it would give ideas how to install beta while protecting the production TB, which will be another version. 
It would also be helpful to mention that the profile manager is not local to an installation, but global to beta and production TB (see Jörg's advice in the addons forum). I suspect that is also true for the updater because once an update in the beta channel caused an switch to beta in my production TB.

I think this info belongs into the beta download page, especially now with the downgrade being made difficult for those who don't know where to get the information.

Search terms as TB 68 downgrade haven't made it into google yet (at least in DE locale).


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