Why don't we just turn off MOZ_BLOCK_PROFILE_DOWNGRADE?

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 00:55:07 UTC 2019

On 05-Jul-19 11:21 PM, Richard Marti wrote:
> On 05.07.2019 15:04, Nomis101 🐝 wrote:
>> Am 05.07.19 um 10:09 schrieb Mark Banner:
>>> I would just like to point out that whilst "you" personally (not just talking about you, but those responding here in this manner) haven't seen any issues, that doesn't mean to say there aren't.
>> Sure, that's undoubtedly true. But if I search the web for "thunderbird downgrade issue", I only find support questions or HowTo's about how to downgrade Thunderbird.
>> So, downgrading Thunderbird seems a thing people are doing, mostly without issues.
> Maybe because, if they have an issue, they don't blame the downgrade but
> the newer version.
We know they are downgrading.  Usually because the new version caused an 
issue for them.  Sometime that issue does go away, because it was an 
add-on incompatibility for instance, sometime it does not. corruption 
cause by the upgrade process perhaps. or even issues cause by aborted 
updates because there is no cancel when we say your add-ons are not 

There is nothing to be gained having a lengthy discussion about what 
issues are caused by downgrading.  Users do it. ALL THE TIME. They 
expect to be able to do it as a matter of course. You can role back your 
whole operating system,  and users do that routinely to get back to 
older versions of Thunderbird all the time as well. This later usually 
ends up in a support call.

Following updates, perhaps the most common question is about how to 
downgrade.  Not the upgrade caused XXXX. The first reflex is it was 
working and now it is not so lets revert to what worked. I have a job to 
do and messing with a software update that messed something up is not on 
today's TODO list. IT is a view I can relate to,  even if I do not 
necessarily agree.

So lets stop looking for why downgrading is bad and just accept that 
users are going to do it.  If we make it to hard they will vote with 
their feet.

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