Why don't we just turn off MOZ_BLOCK_PROFILE_DOWNGRADE?

Richard Marti richard.marti at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 13:51:13 UTC 2019

On 05.07.2019 15:04, Nomis101 🐝 wrote:
> Am 05.07.19 um 10:09 schrieb Mark Banner:
>> I would just like to point out that whilst "you" personally (not just talking about you, but those responding here in this manner) haven't seen any issues, that doesn't mean to say there aren't.
> Sure, that's undoubtedly true. But if I search the web for "thunderbird downgrade issue", I only find support questions or HowTo's about how to downgrade Thunderbird.
> So, downgrading Thunderbird seems a thing people are doing, mostly without issues.

Maybe because, if they have an issue, they don't blame the downgrade but
the newer version.


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