ATN compatibility data for post-ESR60

John Bieling john.bieling at
Wed Jan 23 16:53:48 UTC 2019

On 23.01.2019 17:47, Matt Harris wrote:
> /I think there is a simple solution.  we integrate it not bundle it.  
> Thunderbird is probably the only mail client still in development that 
> has no calendar integrated as part of the application./

That is what we should do.

The current situation is not only bad for Linux users, but for Windows 
users as well. If I (for what ever reason) remove Lightning using the 
AddonManager, I cannot get it back using the AddOnManager. I have to do 
some magic with the advanced configuration. This cannot be right.

To improve UX:
- get the right version on ATN
- include it directly, not as addon

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