TB65 & legacy Addon Reminderfox -- EOL

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Mon Jan 21 12:51:11 UTC 2019

John Bieling wrote on 21.01.19 12:32:
> Does anyone know what the future of „backported“ overlay support for 
> legacy addons in TB64? Can we somehow continue to use it from 
> WebExtension?

FWIW, even if this can be made to work, I would severely discourage 
that. That would mean that extensions continue to access everything in 
an uncontrolled way. It is completely counter to the purpose of 

The idea of web extensions is that they must use a well-defined and 
generic API and can access the host application only though this API. A 
generic API can be implemented in different ways, so it can be kept 
stable even despite changes in Thunderbird. That is not the case for XUL 


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