TB65 & legacy Addon Reminderfox -- EOL

neandr neandr at gmx.de
Mon Jan 21 00:14:32 UTC 2019

After more then 12 years working with the Mozilla technology and 
contributing to Reminderfox, today I have to say 'Good Bye'.

The Reminderfox team could not follow the changes required for 
Thunderbird 65. Not quite clear what the reasons are, but the 
alternatives - implementing the necessary changes for the legacy 
technique or rewriting with web extension - take an enormous amount of 
time and effort. The team sees no way to do that.

This move is also a bit due to a lack of technical advice and 
instructions for add-ons. The Thunderbird development team is doing a 
great job, a job that requires a lot of work for the core. Let my say: 
Big Thanks for that!
But an important Thunderbird asset is its addons, and for that the 
authors should get more technical support.

The Reminderfox team has inform it's user base about the upcoming 
end-of-lifetime -- Please see here <http://t1p.de/RFeol>



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