Thunderbird in 2020 - Improved Address Book?

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Tue Dec 31 05:23:52 UTC 2019

Dear Thunderbird Team,

      1. This communication is in relation to the “New Address Book”.

      2. Will the “New Address Book”:

         (a) have at least the feature set of CardBook out-of-the-box 
(without third-party add-ons)?

         (b) implement “Bug 1226155 Display view format like Business Card”?

         (c) enable Contacts from Microsoft Outlook PST files to be 
/Office 2010 will reach its end of support on October 13, 2020/

         (d) display contact photos in email header?

         (e) enable the CardBook add-on to have a future

         (f) features be listed in the Thunderbird Beta Release Notes?

         (g) incorporate into Thunderbird the code developed by Philippe 
V., the CardBook add-on developer, and others?

         (h) enable the Mail Merge add-on, by Alexander Bergmann, to work?

      3. Thunderbird Team <noreply at> email entitled 
“Thunderbird in 2020” states:
/Some of the notable improvements we are working on include://
//* New Address Book/

         (a) Should the “New” be replaced with “Improved”?
“New” does not necessarily mean “Better”
Thunderbird 68 is newer than Thunderbird 60, yet a lot of add-ons don’t 
work and the features are not available in Thunderbird out-of-the-box.

      4. The Thunderbird Status Meeting of 10 December 2019 states:
/* In progress://
//* Address book new API planning/

      5. Contacts: The address books API

Thank you and have a Happy New Year!


On 31/12/19 7:21 am, Thunderbird Team wrote:
>       Our Plans for 2020
> There are a lot of changes coming to Thunderbird in 2020.
> Some of the notable improvements we are working on include:
>   * New Address Book
>   * Enhancements to Calendar
>   * A Better Dark Mode
>   * Built-in Encrypted Email Support
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