Thunderbird and OpenPGP - Autocrypt

Jacques Angevelle jacques.for64+TB at
Tue Dec 10 13:12:49 UTC 2019


I don't think encrypted mails are unreadable on mobile device if you
provide a way to synchronising keys. Setting up mail app on mobile is
not easy but can certainly be improved.  I'm more worried by users who
use web access when they are not at home. As far I have tried, Gmail app
on android is the only application/provider pair that does not interface
with OpenKeychain. I don't know for Apple mobiles.
"Use encryption only when really needed" is also a way to show what is
useful to crack. Passive data collection is also done with such clear mails.


Le 09/12/2019 à 15:46, holger krekel a écrit :
> Please also don't forget here that people want to use mail apps on their phones, 
> side by side Thunderbird.  This means that one might have a key
> associated with an e-mail address but not want to receive encrypted
> e-mail by default, because it'd be unreadable on the mobile device.  
> There thus needs to be a way to tell the other side "use encryption only when
> really needed" because otherwise the resulting frustration leads to
> dropping the whole damn thing, and TB/encryption getting a bad name. 

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