[openpgp-email] Thunderbird & OpenPGP smartcards

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at enigmail.net
Tue Dec 10 16:38:18 UTC 2019

Andre Heinecke wrote on 10.12.2019 17:20:
> Hi,
> On Monday 9 December 2019 22:22:03 CET Kai Engert wrote:
>> during the summit, some of you have asked that we support OpenPGP 
>> smartcards in next year's Thunderbird release.
>> I'd like to make you aware of the following public message, which I sent 
>> to the Thunderbird planning mailing list:
>> https://mail.mozilla.org/pipermail/tb-planning/2019-December/007288.html
> I've subscribed to this list now so that I can Aanswer better in the future on 
> that list. Although to be honest, with the decision of Mozilla to throw away 
> many man years of development done by the community I'm not inclined to 
> volunteer much work and even responding / discussing is work. 

Why do you think so? Up to now, I have reviewed several bugs prepared by
Kai with patches that contain hundreds of lines of Enigmail code for use
in Thunderbird. It's true that some of the Enigmail-code will (have to)
go away, but useful parts are being re-used.

> This might be the reason that there are few responsed to your questions. 
> Mozilla is a big company and it is basically asking for free work. And even 
> for volunteer work or work financed by other institutions there is currently no 
> planning security in my opinion.

That's only a part of the truth. Thunderbird does not receive any funds
from Mozilla, but is financed by donations and sponsors. AFAIK, Mozilla
mainly operates infrastructure for Thunderbird.


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