Thunderbird version 68.0

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Wed Aug 28 06:49:40 UTC 2019

Version 68.0 is now released after being in beta for many months with 
about 70,000 users.

Please note it is released but NOT available for automatic or manual 
update. Similar to version 60.0, 68.0's initial rollout is only 
available as a manual download from 
<> which you then install.  After we receive 
broader feedback and provide updates to 68.0, then normal update 
mechanisms will be enabled.

We encourage you to report problems, give feedback, and ask questions in 
the following ways:

  * If you have a support issue, a question or need advice please post
    at support <>
    with a clear description, and mention your version.
  * If a problem reproduces in safe mode
    <> please file a
    bug report in bugzilla
    state your version, steps to reproduce, and whether problem happens
    in the prior version.
  * If the problem does *not *reproduce in safe mode
    <>, please
    determine the cause and add information to the etherpad
    whether it be an add-on, configuration or some other issue. Also you
    should report add-on issues to the author via the add-on's support
    website or email, found on the add-ons website
    <>.  (do not report
    problems by posting a review)
  * If Thunderbird crashes please file a bug report using Help >
    Troubleshooting > click the crash ID to view the crash report page >
    click the bugzilla tab, click the "Thunderbird" link and include in
    your bug report steps to reproduce, because we are not able to see
    comments submitted in your crash report.
  * If you encounter broken with the add-ons website
    <>, please report it at or in the etherpad

You can follow reported bugs and other issues as follows:

  * An etherpad
    and please comment in the pad (no login required) if you encounter
    an issue not reported in Thunderbird support or bugzilla, especially
    add-on issues.
  * A partial list of bugs found during version 68 testing
    <> - follow
    activity via the link, or subscribe to the bug with your bugzilla

Thank you for helping make Thunderbird 68 better!

NOTE: win64 is not yet officially released, but should be soon

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