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Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Mon Aug 26 22:05:10 UTC 2019

I am sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable. I just think that since 
Thunderbird staff has begun regular updates and maintenance to the 
Provider for Google Calendar add-on, I would like to raise the issue of 
where the donations generated by the add-on should go.

On 26 Aug 2019 08:51, Magnus Melin wrote:

> All in all, maybe the ride-along fixes have taken up a couple of day's 
> work in a year. The subject of this thread is a *vast* overstatement. 
> The future of gdata can certainly be discussed for other reasons (bug 
> 1570933), but if we want to keep the add-on... there's not a lot to 
> gain by doing things any other way here. 

All add-ons suffer from constant breakages as many add-on authors can 
confirm. What you call "ride-along" fixes, or lack thereof, has killed 
off many add-ons.

BTW, it's not about how many hours went into the maintenance, and it 
would have been more than two (a couple) of man days per year, it's the 
simple fact that a single add-on enjoyed that valuable service. Anything 
is easy if you have the know-how.

The "vastly overstated" subject was clarified in the body, but I agree, 
the a nicer version of the subject could have been: Should donations for 
Provider for Google Calendar go to the Thunderbird Project? Sorry, my 
ghostwriter had a day off on Sunday, next time I'll consult him first.


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