Donations for the Provider for Google Calendar go to the original add-on author, Mr. Philipp Kewisch, while the Thunderbird project is paying seven staff to maintain it

John Bieling john.bieling at
Sun Aug 25 09:41:48 UTC 2019

If multiple people work on an addon with contributions on that scale,
they should all get a fair share of any incoming donation. Since it is
part of the core, it should even send its donations directly to Thunderbird.


a project is beeing worked by multiple peop

On 25.08.2019 11:18, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> Hi lovers of Thunderbird,
> it came to my attention yesterday, that the add-on "Provider for
> Google Calendar"[1] is collecting donations that go to its original
> author, Mr. Philipp Kewisch[2], who is at the same time the chairman
> of the Thunderbird Council and Calendar module owner.
> How does the community feel about the fact that the Thunderbird
> project pays (at least) seven staff[3] who are involved in maintaining
> the add-on in the comm-central source tree and related repositories?
> Note[4].
> Recently some bugs were fixed related to the add-on[5] and more work
> is planned[6], amongst that, automatically building a fully localised
> version of the add-on which is typically the duty of the add-on author.
> With kind regards and best wishes for an enjoyable Sunday,
> Jörg.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] Staff involved: Geoff, Paul, Magnus, Alex, Rob, Arshad, myself
> [4] Before writing this post, I have written to Philipp to clarify the
> issue.
> [5]
> (clean up build
> config)
> (code clean-up)
> (test coverage)
> (de-XBL)
> (de-XBL)
> (de-XBL)
> (dialogAccept
> events issues)
> (new icon)
> (packaging)
> (packaging and
> upload to FTP site)
> (packaging
> follow-up for TB 68)
> [6]
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