Donations for the Provider for Google Calendar go to the original add-on author, Mr. Philipp Kewisch, while the Thunderbird project is paying seven staff to maintain it

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Mon Aug 26 06:51:10 UTC 2019

Dear Thunderbird lovers, sorry to see you caught in the crossfire of 
personal disputes. The council will discuss what actions are needed in 
this area.

The gdata provider has received the same normal ride-along code 
adjustments as other in-tree code. There is no feature development going 
on there. The build config / packaging changes being done now helps 
other work and many parts will also be applicable for lightning. I.e. as 
long as it's in-tree this work will save resources in the long run.

All in all, maybe the ride-along fixes have taken up a couple of day's 
work in a year. The subject of this thread is a *vast* overstatement. 
The future of gdata can certainly be discussed for other reasons (bug 
1570933), but if we want to keep the add-on... there's not a lot to gain 
by doing things any other way here.


On 25-08-2019 12:18, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> Hi lovers of Thunderbird,
> it came to my attention yesterday, that the add-on "Provider for 
> Google Calendar"[1] is collecting donations that go to its original 
> author, Mr. Philipp Kewisch[2], who is at the same time the chairman 
> of the Thunderbird Council and Calendar module owner.
> How does the community feel about the fact that the Thunderbird 
> project pays (at least) seven staff[3] who are involved in maintaining 
> the add-on in the comm-central source tree and related repositories? 
> Note[4].
> Recently some bugs were fixed related to the add-on[5] and more work 
> is planned[6], amongst that, automatically building a fully localised 
> version of the add-on which is typically the duty of the add-on author.
> With kind regards and best wishes for an enjoyable Sunday,
> Jörg.
> [1] 
> [2]
> [3] Staff involved: Geoff, Paul, Magnus, Alex, Rob, Arshad, myself
> [4] Before writing this post, I have written to Philipp to clarify the 
> issue.
> [5]
> (clean up build 
> config)
> (code clean-up)
> (test coverage)
> (de-XBL)
> (de-XBL)
> (de-XBL)
> (dialogAccept 
> events issues)
> (new icon)
> (packaging)
> (packaging and 
> upload to FTP site)
> (packaging 
> follow-up for TB 68)
> [6]
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