ExchangeCalendar Extension: Publication on ATN

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Mon Aug 19 22:44:18 UTC 2019

On 19 Aug 2019 14:25, jwq wrote:
> There are, I understand from that Issue, likely to be some problems 
> listing the extension because it uses an add-on identifier which is 
> already on ATN (I've already confirmed that the 5.0.0-alpha3 xpi fails 
> the validation test on this point) and because the extension may fail 
> code review. I don't know how much of a problem it will be to resolve 
> these issues.
> I do know that ExchangeCalendar has been identified as a critical 
> extension on this very list (2 May 2017 02:40:46) and so I'm raising 
> it here as an extension that might to be seen to be an important for 
> future planning.
I'm a bit confused.

You're not one of the authors, are you? They seem to be Markus Weiland 
(advancingu) and Adrien Dorsaz (Trim).

So why don't the authors change the add-on identifier and submit the 
add-on to ATN. Then some reviewer can take care of it.


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