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Mon Aug 19 12:25:17 UTC 2019

Hi Everyone,

 I've been following the Extension Statistics thread, looking for the
extensions which I rely on heavily at work, and I realised that one very
crucial extension was missing from the list.

 ExchangeCalendar <>
is [I believe] the latest version of the very old Provider for Microsoft
extension on ATN. I'd like to get ExchangeCalendar onto ATN to improve
its visibility, to get it on to the Extension Statistics list and to
maximise its chances of surviving, per my comments in

 There are, I understand from that Issue, likely to be some problems
listing the extension because it uses an add-on identifier which is
already on ATN (I've already confirmed that the 5.0.0-alpha3 xpi fails
the validation test on this point) and because the extension may fail
code review. I don't know how much of a problem it will be to resolve
these issues.

 I do know that ExchangeCalendar has been identified as a critical
extension on this very list (2 May 2017 02:40:46) and so I'm raising it
here as an extension that might to be seen to be an important for future


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