Extension Statistics 8-2-2019

Christopher Leidigh cleidigh at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 18:14:46 UTC 2019

I completely agree with your comments Re: showing two extensions with "prior version compatibility"
Jonathan and a few others have made the same observation / request.  I just don't yet have the time to address
the older versions which will require a lot more API work.  I have already committed to doing this just have to
interleave updating the extensions I'm responsible for.

Another couple of improvements I'm trying to do:
- Hide older extensions that for all purposes are defunct ,whose numbers keep them in the list - but I think their deceptive
- Capture visually extinctions that have been taken over , but whose numbers keep them down in the list
- More "activity" information.

Ryan ,  Wayne and I continue to try to communicate/encourage authors to update.  Where critical extinctions appear to be abandoned
I making a list of candidates to take over as I did for ImportExportTools NG.  Obviously I and everyone have the bandwidth limits
so we only have a limited number to do this.

Speaking as a newbie , but someone who is already upgraded 4 extensions as well as reviewing others, the process still takes a lot of time and determination
especially if you're doing the process while things are changing rapidly.  If my situation were different I probably would have waited long myself to upgrade.
That said, in my opinion the clearest way to get people to upgrade her earlier is with a clear public road map and a reasonable attempt to show a timeline for changes him deprecations (caveats and disclaimers as necessary).

Also - I want to see as many green checkboxes as possible to !

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