Extension Statistics 8-2-2019

Graeme musiquegraeme at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 10:52:05 UTC 2019

Personally I would hope for the flurry of activity before the ESR, that way, I hope, there 
are fewer broken addons as developers make sure, working with the betas, that their addons 
will work before the users know anything - am I wrong?

I'm looking forward to, possibly after a lot of work, that the figures show where addons 
are compatible with previous versions. We were told not to try and make the one addon fit 
both before and after TB68.. So my latest issue has a strict minimum version on TB67 and 
so of course it won't work with earlier TB but TB should look instead at the previous 
version of the addon which is compatible with earlier versions of TB.

I realise that this would mean a lot of work and it's really just because I'd like to see 
more green ticks on my line - ;-)


On 06/08/2019 04:35, Christopher Leidigh wrote:
> Please find attached the latest extension statistics reports.
> We are around 50% for the top one hundred extensions.
> Wayne and I had a sidebar looking at some of the statistics 5 months after the release 
> of 60.  The conventional wisdom is that we should hopefully see a flurry of activity 
> after ESR.
> Ryan and I are continuing efforts to encourage authors to update.
> If you have an extension that you feel is critical, let us know I will try and focus of 
> those extensions.
> Also, if you have contact with authors please engage them on updating and let them know 
> that we are offering help.
> Thanks
> Christopher
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