Thunderbird Calendar aka the Lightning add-on - Quo vadis?

John Bieling john.bieling at
Fri Aug 2 20:39:17 UTC 2019

Since we are discussing the future of the gdata provider, I would like to introduce another option, which is part of my own agenda/vision for the future of Thunderbird involving TbSync. I have added a comment to the bug created by Magnus ( but as not all subscribers of this thread follow that bug, this is what I want to do:

Long story short: I would like to take over the gdata provider, remove it from the thunderbird source and turn it into a google provider AddOn for TbSync, merged with gContactSync to provide simple setup for google contacts, tasks and events using the google API.

As Magnus knows, Ryan asked me about a year ago to add TbSync to Thunderbird core as a new central place to manage cloud accounts and I have been working on that ever since. I have now a clean code base and the provider API added by TbSync looks very good now as well. That provider API allows other AddOns to hook into TbSync and add sync capabilities. Currently there are Exchange Active Sync and CalDav/CardDAV. The second one is actually only adding CardDAV support and delegates caldav sync to lightning, but it is doing resource discovery (so users do not have to add the individual urls, but only need the base server address).

The next logical step would be to add a google provider. I hope to get the author of gContactSync onboard, but I haven't asked yet.

I will try to get TbSync into TB76. The next step here would be to get in touch with Alex, on how to integrate TbSync into the new UI. In general TbSync will know wich Provider exists and can load them as needed, so the user does not need to know, where to get the needed provider addons.

If you want to try out TbSync, to get a feeling for this vision, please use Thunderbird 68, as that uses the cleaned up code base and fixed lots of issues.

What do you think ?
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