Thunderbird 68.0 ESR release

Joachim Herb joachim.herb at
Thu Aug 1 12:02:58 UTC 2019

> The current risk is that there's something in 69 that is different to
> 68
> which could break add-ons again, making it hard for authors to know
> that
> they've got a stable release.
> Obviously, we can't change it this time, but something to consider for
> future.
I can confirm this problem. In Thunderbird 69, the customization of the
header toolbar is broken
( And this breaks
my addon Compactheader. So in the moment the only possibility to test
it, is to use the treeherder builds of the comm-esr68 branch
( But the users,
who are on the beta branch of Thunderbird and have downloaded the
lastest version of the addon from ATN will now have a broken version of
the addon.

An again, there is no more beta channel on ATN, so I cannot post a
simple fix for it there.

This is certainly not a good situation.


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