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>> For example, I like your style. However, the error messages *must* appear on screen 
>> and cannot be hidden in a tooltip that shows only on mouse over.
> Looking at the images it is unclear to me what the intention here with respect to 
> the tooltips, maybe Alessandro can clarify. My immediate thought was that the 
> informational tooltips could be display on hover, but if you make a mistake, then 
> the error tooltips immediately pop-up at least for an amount of time. That would 
> satisfy your requirement that they get displayed, but also allow them to look nice 
> and not affect the layout significantly.
Yes. It /looks like /an "on hover" popup, but it could be activated when leaving the 
textbox (blur event) to be there permanently (and hidden again when the text field 
gets focus again, to avoid obstruction) - I think that's actually superior to a panel 
below or validation list at the bottom of the dialog (as seen on many web forms) 
because through the callout bubble & proximity provides the strongest context.

One thing that is missing for me is an option to Cancel the dialog and set up later, I 
would suggest to make that a choice replacing "Get a New Email Address" (if that one 
is not desired). In my opinion having that as explicit choice is better than leaving 
the user with the uncertainty of "what happens if I just close window?"

my 2 cents,

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