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Alessandro Castellani alessandro at thunderbird.net
Mon Apr 29 20:03:16 UTC 2019

Hello folks,

Let's kickoff the conversation regarding the email client itself.
We all know that TB needs love and polish in terms of UI and UX, and a 
fresh coat of paint to make it feel as modern and stable as it actually is.

I'd like to start a bit of design work to tackle specific sections of 
the application, proposing a new UI to standardize the look and feel 
across platforms, without loosing the native feel we all care about.
This design work will also help us to identify paint points and road 
blocks, giving us the chance to solve usability problems and improving 
the overall user experience of the client.

I think we should start with what a new user sees when opening 
Thunderbird for the first time. The Account Setup Dialog.

Here's a series of mock-ups to modernize the first on-boarding experience:

Using our brand identity colors, native photon icons, and styling a bit 
more the input fields, we can increase readability and improve the 
overall experience for a first time user.
Keep in mind, this is a macos only mock-up, used as a first step to 
identify a possible direction, pros and cons.
Once we know what we want and we're all on board with the approach, 
screenshots and examples for Windows and Linux will be created.

The first screen has 2 variations which can help us visualize in which 
direction we want to push TB. Should we keep presenting TB as an email 
client first, with extra features, or should we start transitioning 
towards a broader concept of a communication hub, by highlighting the 
other account types you can create and use with TB?

I also created a dark variation based on macos, because I think it's 
time to have the light and dark mode seamlessly working out of the box 
and respecting the user's OS settings.

Let's do this! 🤘

*Alessandro Castellani*
Lead UX Architect
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