AW: Re: Website Design - Bright variation opto at
Sun Apr 28 10:05:25 UTC 2019

I think the white does not have enough contrast between background and content. It might be more modern, but I would prefer what is more usable, also for those that do not see that well.

Initially, I did not notice there is content below the newsletter box (on a notebook). I think that is at the bottom of many websites, so I did not scroll further down.

The lightning stuff feels somewhat unconnected to the rest. Is it part of TB, or not? If yes, then some indication belongs into he top where TB advantages are mentioned. I personally think it is a benefit and belongs there.
Explore more addons link next to lightning: I thought it is no longer an addon but integrated? Feels confusing. That link is important, but it may be in the wrong place.

Stay in the loop does not show the bird sketches in the bright version, is that intentional?

Bird sketches: To me, they look somewhat agressive, angry, unhappy. Not only the act of fighting against bugs, but also the sharp beak. Even the one in the nest does not truely look inviting and friendly to me. They do not come from a subculture where I would feel comfortable. But that is just my personal perception.

In the blue, there is a clear visual separation (in the top part) between different content. The TB screenshot ends blue, then there are the three columns. Followed by stay in the loop, in blue, followed by blog/newsletter.
Here, the visual separation is lost, newsletter, lightning, get involved are just one big area. Some separation of the different types of content (more structure) might help reading.


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