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Matt Harris at
Sat Apr 27 23:00:39 UTC 2019

I get it,  and I get the heavy feel of one, despite it's familiarity.  I 
also sympathise with those that find 2 just too stark.   Could we try a 
third,  with an "off white" blue background.

I guess Facebook have spend a lot of time and money on researching the 
visuals on their site,  perhaps something like the blue grey under their 
"menu" on the left.  A very very similar colour to that used in similar 
locations on  his might play havoc with the drop shadows,  
but perhaps a gradient that fades from the original blue to the new 
background colour could be used to make graphics pop out of the background.

It might be worth looking at using the Thunderbird mark as a largish 
water mark in the mid to top left on the home screen to the left of the 
download button.
Something like was used in the Monterail theme.  I did not like it for a 
folder pane background,  but the idea is modern and classy and might 
play well if located correctly on the homepage.



On 27-Apr-19 7:45 AM, alex wrote:
> Hello wonderful people!
> Here's a little experiment...
> I was looking at the overall design of the home page, while doing some 
> UX mock-ups for the application, and I couldn't shake off the feelings 
> of "disconnection" and "heaviness".
> I decided to apply a new visual style to the content and the flow we 
> defined, pushing for a brighter identity, and using only colors 
> available from our styleguide.
> You can see both design iterations here (use your keyboard arrows to 
> move through screen 1 and 2):
> While I like v1, I think the brighter v2 feels more modern, proposing 
> an easily digestible and appealing color palette, while pushing a bit 
> of brand identity which will be reflected in the actual email client 
> (more on that to come).
> Keep in mind that this is a simple aesthetic choice, so it all comes 
> down to what we like and what we don't, and I'd love to hear your 
> thoughts on which direction feels more inline with the Thunderbird 
> identity.
> /FYI, I'm using Invision as the Presentator instance I've been using 
> till now has an SSL certificate issue. You can leave comments like you 
> did with Presentator.
> /
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Alessandro Castellani
> Lead UX Architect
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