Website revamp - comments on main page phrasing

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at
Fri Apr 26 23:28:30 UTC 2019

While I did chime in much earlier in the website redesign process, I
haven't been following the work so far. Now I'm having a look again.

I have some comments, but they are not about the design itself. On the
design front it looks like Alex and others are doing fine work; I'm
finding some of the main page's phrasing problematic:

1. "Software to make email easier" <- Easier than what? This implies
there's some default, difficult way to work with email, which
Thunderbird replaces.

2. "Software to make email easier" <- I wouldn't characterize
Thunderbird's goal as "ease". Perhaps "effectiveness", or getting your
email and messaging in order, something like that. It could be described
as powerful-yet-easy, I suppose, but not just "easy".

3. Another emphasis on being "easy to set up and customize", which
re-emphasizes the assumption that email and email clients are scary and

4. "Tailored to all your needs" - Thunderbird is not tailored to all
your needs. It _can_ be tailored to _some_ of your needs - but that's
customizability. It meets the needs of many people - but that's
versatility, not tailoring.

5. "Forget about complexity" - again, not sure what complexity fears
we're assuaging here. I would try saying that Thunderbird caters both to
simple use of email and to demanding, complex use cases.

6. "If you like Thunderbird, please consider making a donation" - while
this is true, it is no less true, and perhaps even more relevant, to say
"If you want Thunderbird to improve, please make a funding contribution."

7. "Fully customizable" - Thunderbird is not fully customizable; it is
highly customizable. Now, you could say "Why be so nitpicky?" - it's
because all this slick marketing is off-putting. Maybe not to all
people, but for some. When I look at all of the text on the main page,
combined, it makes me think "Yeah, I can't trust what this page says and
will just ignore the text." :-(


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