[Council Update] Getting Started as a new Council

Philipp Kewisch kewisch at thunderbird.net
Tue Apr 23 23:34:26 UTC 2019

Hello Thunderbird and friends.

We’d like to give you a quick update on the first few weeks of the new
council. I’m trying a different format this time that will allow me to
get updates out a bit quicker:

* We voted on council roles and there have not been changes to last
year: Philipp continues to be the chair, Ryan the treasurer and Wayne
has again taken the secretary role.

* There is a backlog of various items that have come up during the
elections including transparency, guidelines for the next council vote,
and governance form. We’ve started to tackle these issues to make sure
we don’t run into the same issues during the next election.

* We are discussing organizational changes with MoFo leadership to
ensure Thunderbird (as a project) can be run more smoothly. It is too
early to share details about this, but we’ll update the community as
soon as possible.

* While we’re maintaining a council process document that has everything
you should know when you become a council member, we don’t have specific
bylaws. Berna developed a draft which we are currently commenting on
within the council.

Let me know if you have any questions about these items, or if you have
any feedback about the format of this email.


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