Thunderbird topology

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> I can offer from a personal experience that the issue is significant. At 
> my firm we've built a kluge to provide the means to archive e-mail on a 
> server

Dovecot has an interesting feature called Alternative Storage, might be
worth checking out:

> and setup a different instance of Thunderbird to access the 
> archive.

No need to do that with Dovecot's alternative storage, it is completely

I admit I've never used it, and it does require you to use dbox storage
format, which has one downside - losing the index files will cause data
loss (message flags and other meta data), but as long as you are using
reliable storage, especially if you are using something with
self-healing powers (like ZFS or BTRFS), it shouldn't be an issue, and
dbox (both sdbox and mdbox) are very performant.

> My original comments were pointed to a discussion on topology. If there 
> is a need to change Thunderbird topology, doing so with the ability to 
> later develop a means to extend its capability to access multiple data 
> structures on different devices would make adding an archive doable 
> without significant restructuring.

Sounds like that should be more a server side feature - unless you are
talking about the end user being able to do the backup/restore operations.

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