Some thoughts about "Fixing a bug" section on (DTN)

John Bieling john.bieling at
Tue Apr 16 13:56:39 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,

I am a beginner when it comes to working with hg, and while fixing my
first ever TB bug, I spend most of the time actually getting a patch out
of hg which I can upload to bugzilla.

The "Fixing a bug section" on DTN
( was a good
start but as a beginner it was kind of difficult to start of with queues.

If queues work, the concept is very nice but handling is somewhat
dangerous, and sometimes "it just does not work" (as for me as discussed
in IRC maildev yesterday).

I was reading multiple sources on how to work with hg and most sources
told me to NOT work with queues as a beginner:

Also Philipp Kewisch suggested this to me.

As a beginner, getting used to hg I learned the following:
  - bookmarks can be used very easy to create a new head and work
similar to git branches
  - hg branches differ from git branches and beginners should not use that
  - hg refresh also allows to "update" a changeset/patch
  - hg wip is awesome to visualize "where you are at"

If you do not need to manage multiple patches at the same time and do
not want to have the option to apply/unapply them individually, you do
not need queues. With bookmarks, you can jump between different patches,
that was enough for my simple "fix something in thunderbird" task.

What are your thoughts?


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